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Infant Room

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Welcome to our Infant room. From as early as 6 weeks old - a year old, our Infant program is led by warm, loving, and nurturing staff.  Students are provided with endless opportunities to learn, explore, and develop at their individual pace while developing social and emotional skills. Fine and gross motor skills are being developed through play. Sensory exploration, creative movement, music, playball, and art are some of the methods used by our staff to engage students in interactive learning.  Low child to adult ratio provides opportunities for individual interactions. The room is designed to provide free movement without risk of harm.         

Toddler Room


Welcome to the wonderful world of toddlers. In this loving and nurturing environment, students will be provided with endless opportunities to explore their world using the five senses and to socialize with their peers. Students will be given the educational building blocks they need to succeed through fun lessons which bring out each child’s individual personality. When this individuality is met, a child grows in self esteem and healthy independence. Our age-appropriate planned activities are designed to enhance fine and gross motor skills, as well as cognitive and emotional growth. Students will grow to develop a sense of community and belonging as the classroom becomes their second home.

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In our class we foster social and language skills while incorporating academics.  We use a literature-based curriculum encouraging a child’s love for reading and learning.  Our units and art projects are based on the books we read and rewrite in our own words.  Through these books some of the concepts we cover are colors, shapes, holidays, seasons and numbers.  Fine and gross motor skills are a part of our daily lesson plans.  Play is an integral part of our day.  Children learn to share and solve problems through play.  Self-help skills and self-confidence are other areas that are important to us.  The children learn to clean up after themselves, ask for help when needed, and use the bathroom among other things.  Overall, we want “our children” to have fun while learning in a wonderful nurturing and loving environment.

Two's Room

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Students in the three years old class will learn letter recognition, writing, reading readiness, math skills and scientific methods. Our focus will include stories and reading comprehension, verbal skills, letter and number recognition.  But the schol year is about so much more than that!  We will work within the guidelines of the educational system –STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Some of the skills we will teach are sets, ordering, shapes, measuring, weather, reasoning, and predicting.  We will work on fine and gross motor skills inside and outside the classroom environment. Our goal is to ensure that “our” children have strong building blocks in all developmental areas, but the main goal is to help them develop into confident, kind, and strong learners. We will accomplish these goals in the classroom. It will appear to be noisy, busy, and, to be blunt, disorganized chaos, but it will be full of learning experiences and growth.  Above all, our children will feel secure, safe, and cared for. 

Three's Room

Pre-K Room

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TBTST ‘s Pre-K program offers a wonderful learning environment. Our STEM program encourages children to express themselves and use their ability to be creative and use cognitive thinking. Knowledge of letters and introduction to sight words prepare students for reading readiness. Our Math curriculum gives the necessary number skills they need including addition, subtraction and graphing. Each child is viewed as wholly competent with unique gifts and interests. With an active, child centered/ sensory engaged learning environment, students not only master developmentally appropriate skills… but become “love learning”.  Having them love learning is a constant focus by fostering motivation, metacognitive practices, and the desire for intrinsic motivation. By the time graduation comes, our children will be independent and have the confidence and ability to succeed in Kindergarten plus a head start to a bright future.

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