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For over 30 years TBTST ECC has been providing high quality child care for Broward County Families. Our students have begun to return now with their own children to learn and play within the same halls 20-30 years later! Come join our growing family! 


About Us

TBTST Early Childhood mission is to provide a safe, loving, nurturing environment for students to grow socially, emotionally and academically. TBTST offers an age appropriate, center-based curriculum that meets students’ individual needs to explore, encouraged by educators to actively participate in their own learning process. TBTST administration and educators strive to provide families with guidance, support, and opportunities to take part in their child’s education.

Our Philosophy


Our Preschool philosophy is based on the developmental needs of the individual child. To a young child, this means providing a door of opportunities for sensor-motor exploration, for verbal and nonverbal socialization, and for learning, all in a loving and nurturing environment. Early Childhood Education means the development of a child’s independence, confidence, and pride while using creative expression and fun experimentation. TBTST Early Childhood’s curriculum is center based and fosters a world of understanding and learning. The class atmosphere allows for a balance of activities and empowers the child to self-explore and make choices. TBTST educators provide a warm environment for children to express desires and interests. Moments of readiness are viewed as a door of opportunities to enrich the learning environment based on individual and group needs. The curriculum includes language arts, math, science, social studies, and readiness activities. Children also enjoy art, music, cooking, the study of Jewish Holidays, Bible stories, computers, and indoor & outdoor play. TBTST Early Childhood is an academically based private school which prides itself in providing a home away from home environment to its students and their families. TBTST Early Childhood Center strives to establish close communication with families and provides parents with opportunities to be actively involved in their child’s educational experience.

Mission Statement

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