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We are following the CDC & DCF's suggested guidelines for COVID-19 in Child Care Facilities/Schools.

  1. Staff and Students will be screened before entering for ANY COVID-19 symptoms.

  2. Staff and Students will be required to sanitize before entering the building.

  3. Staff and Students in the 2 years old room and up will be required to wear masks while in school but will not be required to wear them on the playground.

  4. To prevent the spread of germs: Handwashing will be completed upon a child's entrance to the classroom, after restroom use, before and after eating, before and after all activities both indoor and outdoor.

  5. All toys, books, nap mats, chairs, tables, and shared surfaces of any kind will be sanitized daily. Any item your child uses will not be permitted to be shared with other children; ex. Tablets, pencils, toys from home. Due to COVID-19 ‘Sharing is NOT Caring.’

  6. We are keeping ourselves updated daily with CDC and DCF recommended guidelines for handling COVID-19 & informing the parents immediately of any changes made.



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